How to Tie a Tiffany Bow

The secret to wrapping a box perfectly, is knowing how to tie a Tiffany bow, so that the box sits flat on a surface.

How to tie a Tiffany bow.

Step 1

Gather your materials. You'll need:

1) a box

2) a beautiful ribbon

3) sharp scissors

Step 2

Leaving at least a box's length of ribbon at the bottom of the box, place the ribbon at the centre of the top of the box and hold with your thumb.

Step 3

Wrap the ribbon once around the box. Place the second piece of ribbon under your thumb as well:

Step 4

Fold the ribbon over your thumb to go around the box at a 45 degree angle:

Step 5

Keep going...

Step 6

...until you go around once:

Now, the step coming up is actually the most important one of the process - if you mess up this step the bow won't work - but don't worry, it's easy.

Step 7

Tuck the ribbon under and back across the ribbon you were holding with your thumb. You're basically making a U-shaped hook.

Step 8

Centre and tighten the ribbon:

Step 9

Now you just tie a bow in the normal way, as if you were tying your shoelaces.

If you have any problems just google 'how to tie a Tiffany bow' and you will find videos and instructions to help you.